Sharing Large Files via WeTransfer

For large files one of the easiest ways to send to us is via WeTransfer. Drag in your files to upload and it will provide you with a link.

Once you have copied the link, paste it into our inquiry form or an email.

Sharing via Google Drive

At the minute there doesn’t seem to be a clear way of sharing from Drive without signing-in (for non-Drive users). Until this changes, we cannot receive files via Drive.

Other Ways To Provide Your Art

If for some reason you cannot send your files to us via our form, email or any of the methods outlined here, then it is possible to bring it in directly via USB stick.

However, we do not offer scanning facilities for artwork, and generally a fresh scan is not sufficient for printing purposes (see the File Prep section for the service you require). Please make sure your artwork is print-ready beforehand.

Sharing From Dropbox

If you prefer to use Dropbox, you can use Right Click > Share Dropbox Link.

This also works for folders. Paste the link into your email or inquiry.

You can also do this via the Dropbox site by using the Share button.

Please do not try to ‘Invite’ us to share folders with you, as we do not have sufficient storage on our own Dropbox account for this method to work.

Making Your File Sizes Smaller

If you’ve got limited data allowance or slow internet speeds, there are a few ways to make your files smaller:

Zip them – This is always recommended. To zip, select the file or folders you need and then Right Click > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder

Bonus (for .PSD) – Hide All Groups / Layers

If you’re familiar with Photoshop, you can hide the Groups and Background to get an extra reduction. Bear in mind, we will turn on all layers again on our end, so make sure you delete any layers you don’t want beforehand (else they’ll be resurrected). Zip the file after, for a final reduction.

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